Our Story

Yoga is an amazing and fun way for kids to learn to connect their hearts, bodies, and minds. The benefits of yoga for kids are endless…


Whole Kids Yoga began after two moms with a love of fitness and yoga put their heads together. They wanted to create a place that would help to develop the “whole child”….body, heart, and mind. After tons of tea and play dates, the idea was born to create a place where kids can explore yoga and find some peace in today’s busy world. The moms wanted a place where not only their own kids, but any child can come and learn the tools to build strength, flexibility, and focus, while having a super fun time. The kids will also have a place that teaches them how to relax and find an inner sense of calm. Whole Kids Yoga is built on the foundation that positive energy and respect for oneself and others is a core value that we can all build on together. Beginning with camps in the summer of 2013, WKY continues to offer classes to kids of all ages throughout the entire year. Thanks for joining Amy and Robin on this exciting adventure!